Welcome To The Fabulous Singing Waiters Homepage!

We are a surprise act for hire that infiltrates your dinner party pretending to be waiters (or guests, chefs, police, security guards, party crashers or just about anyone besides ourselves). We hide in plain sight for a little while… just long enough that your guests think we are there for the purpose for which we appear, then we announce an event that doesn’t quite go to plan and all dissolves into a performance of amazing live voices and entertainment. If you want to impress the boss and show them how sheer class can merge with extreme fun give us a try!

Who are the Fabulous Singing Waiters?

We are a unique act at the top of our game that will shock and surprise, wow and amaze.  That, and we’ll do it with class and style so that you can enjoy the performance without worrying what your very cultured and possibly somewhat reserved boss or father-in-law might think of the extraordinary diversion.  Admittedly we’re not very good at waiting tables, so please don’t cancel any of your proper catering staff!  In fact, we shouldn’t be trusted with a dirty plate and can’t be relied on for fine French service… however we are quite good with a bottle of wine!  We rarely work in the same venue two nights in a row, however, we do so often get asked back despite our poor waiting skills!

What’s the recipe?

Well, first take some exceptional raw singing talent, add about 6 to 8 years of rigorous formal vocal training (per performer) including a number of cumulative masters degrees from Guildhall, The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal College of Music, Trinity College of Music, the San Francisco Conservatoire of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music and a couple others; add in another few years of experience on stages such as Glyndebourne, The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Opera Holland Park, Grange Park Opera, and many of the smaller production companies around the UK…. hmm, then add the experience of performing for hundreds of private parties and events of every nature and description; an essential excess of personality and the ability of laughing at oneself.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the site (especially our in-depth FAQs) and we hope to surprise your guests in the very near future!

- The Fabulous Singing Waiters